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Interview with Sweden’s TT Spectra Empty Interview with Sweden’s TT Spectra

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Alexander met with Sweden’s TT Spectra for an interview, translated as follows:
Before the third season, the popularity of the vampire series “True Blood” has gone through the roof.

And Alexander Skarsgård has become a Hollywood name to be seriously
reckoned with. “The team has become my surrogate family, ‘” he told
Sweden’s TT Spectra.
It was last summer when it happened. Season two of the HBO series
“True Blood” was first broadcasted in the U.S. while Alexander
Skarsgård, vampire Eric, was home on vacation. Then he went to San
Diego for the Comic Con exhibition where he would participate in a
panel discussion on the series.In the hall waited thousands of fans.

“It was totally absurd. People had flown in from other
countries. We just laughed; it was impossible to understand what had
happened. I’m still confused.

For Alexander Skarsgård himself, this means that “True Blood”
becoming a hit has intensified coverage of him. But he still can, he
says, “go and buy food in Los Angeles without any major problems”.

“It is unrealistic to live as you want and do not change their
daily lives. I do not send people to buy milk. People come up and want
autographs and take pictures. But they are cute and humble and
apologize. I have no crazy stalkers after me (laughs). And I am
flattered that they think so much about the series.

Alexander has just finished shooting the feature film “Straw Dogs”
in which he plays against, among others, James Marsden, Kate Bosworth
and legend James Woods ( “He played my football coach. He’s totally
cool, eccentric and intense as hell.”) Now he awaits the filming of
“True Blood” season three.

-I will meet the press in London about the first two seasons,
then I’ll return to LA and try out costumes for season three. It feels
very nice. We have become close to each other in the team, they have
become my surrogate family.

But already during the Stockholm International Film Festival which
begins on Wednesday, you can at least get to hear Alexander Skarsgård
in a new role. He has given his voice to one of the key figures in
Swedish animated “Metropia” - like his father Stellan. The film has
full theatrical release on 27 November.

“I think I was the first in the film as the voice, it was two
years ago. The scene of my father, he went in and did two months later.
But it was damn cool to see our stage in the theater.

Erik Helmerson / TT spectra

Facts / Alexander Skarsgård on …

… favorite team Hammarby Exodus from headlines:
“It’s been tough. I always check the results online, but when they
went out, I was in Sweden and saw the match in a bar. We knew early
where Bajare would end up, but as I am used to it. When I started
walking, 1991 — 92, we were in second division and playing against the
Tramway and Vasalund. We always come back”.

… movie “Puss” directed by Johan Kling ( “Darling”) in which his brother Gustaf also has a role:
“I play a guy who has an ability to make the wrong decision and then
wriggle out of the consequences. But I have no scenes with Gustav,
which was unfortunate because it is the first time that we worked
together. ”

… who in “True Blood” which he hangs out with most:
“Anna (Paquin), Stephen (Moyer) … There are also those I work mostly
with. Recently I was in Paris with Michelle Forbes; we had never worked
together but did the press together, it was very nice.”

… what roles he may like now:
“After ‘True Blood’ and ‘Generation Kill’ makes it quite a lot of
alpha males. Which is funny, one reason I went from Sweden was that I
always had to play the misunderstood, gentle high school boy. Puppies.
But now I’m afraid to get stuck in the second slot. Once it becomes
routine it takes the creativity out. ”

… partying in Los Angeles:
“I do not do much partying there. It’s not so fun. Businesses close
half past one, and because everything is so spread out it is necessary
to drive a car. I prefer to dine out, take a glass of wine and go home.”

Three rumors:

1. Alexander is dating Evan Rachel Wood: “No comment.”

2. Alexander met with Zlatan when Barcelona played in Los Angeles:
“It is true, and it was damn fun. My agency represents FC Barcelona as
well, and they asked if I wanted to go for a workout. I had with me a
six meters Swedish flag Hammarby IF text and tricked Zlatan into
standing in front of it. ”

3. Alexander is dating Kate Bosworth: “There are so many rumors, I
am totally uninterested in them. And I’m not talking about my personal
life. So I have no comment there either.”


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